Thursday, May 7, 2009

Terrible 2s? Or just Misunderstood Toddlers?

Apologies abound, this year has flown by, and once again I find the blog extremely out of date.

The triplets have grown so much since the last update and are doing everything you would expect of a toddler: Talking more, playing harder, more inquisitive "What's that", and INTO EVERYTHING!!! They are such a handful these days.

They love to go bye bye, and will often throw a tantrum first thing in the morning if we don't get them dressed to go somewhere. Gabbi and Nate will even claim "I'm poopy" to get you to take their pajamas off, and then they won't let you put them back on... clever.

They are very attached to each other... Jack and Gabbi are "Where's Nate" anytime that he is elsewhere, i.e. still in a nap, or not quite ready for bed.

They are good at sharing... most of the time. New toys still garner a fight now and then, but for the most part they are pretty good. They will get their sippy cups for each other, or get toys they think the others might like, it's quite precious.

We've been taking them outside a lot more lately, as the weather permits, and they LOVE that. Going to the park, or up to the cul-de-sac, or just playing in the driveway really gets them going. Now getting them back inside... that's the hard part.

Nate is not banging his head as much these days, I'd say only about 10% as much as he was before... very relieving for us. But every now and then Gabbi or Jack will try it to get something they want... but they don't have the touch and end up actually hurting themselves enough to bruise.

We went to Lake Chelan and had a lot of fun. We took Cori with us and she helped wrangle the kiddos as we tooled around the lake shore and all the accompanying parks and toys etc... They loved to throw rocks in the lake, but of course a duck's interest was peaked by the action of things being tossed into the water. Jack just kept throwing rocks in the water, and the duck kept looking to see if they were edible. Gabbi actually fell in the lake, it was only 12 inches deep, but in late March... it's very chilly.

Sophia is almost done with the first grade and is spelling and reading like a champ. She's always doing something, and in the rare chance she's not, of course she let's out a "I'm bored" even though she just finished up with 3 play dates. Sophia likes to play Rock Band 2 on the Xbox and does a pretty good rendition of "Eye of the Tiger" on the vocals.

We just celebrated Jack, Nate and Gabbi's birthday and that went pretty well. The weather held up so the kids played outside most of the time, and no one fell into the pool (relief). Jack of course wanted nothing to do with the "Happy Birthday" singing, and kind of freaked out... but then once he got a taste of the cake he cautiously enjoyed it.

I could write for hours about their antics, though I'm sure you question that with the lack of content I put up. I hope those of you that still check this out find it entertaining.

Seriously though... this year could be rough, they are into everything... Serenity Now!

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Showalters said...

I love the update, so cute to hear the 3 help each other out, for better or worse :)